A Paladin’s Journey details the adventures of Krell, called to service by ReckNor, god of the seas and skies. An exploration of faith where the gods are not only provably real, but where they speak to their champions directly.

Too often in literature I see our heroes living in a world populated with gods, but with scant attention paid to what that would actually mean. It should profoundly shape the worldview of every character, influence every event, and be such a constant underlying component of the world that shines through in every moment of everyone’s lives.

This is my exploration of what that world would look like.

I’m extremely pleased that Beginning of Arrogance is being very positively received by readers and critics alike!

Book 1 of A Paladin’s Journey

Beginning of Arrogance

Paladins are nothing but trouble.

Stories about paladins are everywhere, noble warriors riding magic steeds into battle against terrible foes. Champions of their gods. Heroes to everyone, except those who already have everything. Paladins are notorious for upsetting the balance of power, to the detriment of any who don’t worship their deity.

So when Krell is called to service by the capricious god of the seas and skies, ReckNor, those with wealth and power can’t help but be concerned. ReckNor hasn’t called a paladin in years, and his nature is ever-changing and erratic. The fact that Krell is also an uneducated nobody with a stubborn streak as wide as the sea turns their concerns into fear.

All of which matters less than the threat clawing its way from the waves, ready to turn the ocean red with spilled blood…

“This is a book worthy to invest some time and emotions in.”

“Bryan Cole’s BEGINNING OF ARROGANCE features solid world building, a strong protagonist, and a spirited cast of familiar fantasy characters.”

“[Bryan] has a great character, a world full of danger and double-cross, and a way of bringing creatures we may have grown up with into vivid and riveting detail.”

“…a promising start to a series that will be enjoyed by high-fantasy fans.

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