A Paladin’s Journey

A paladin is a champion of their faith, spoken to and guided directly by their god.

The ramifications of this character archetype on their fictional universe are enormous and profound, and would alter every aspect of how the world sees them. A Paladin’s Journey is a book series exploring this concept.

Beginning of Arrogance, Book 1 of A Paladin’s Journey, is available now!

“The ending of the book kept me hanging on for more…”

“Fantasy readers who like well-developed characters will love the series.”

The story of

Bryan Cole

A technologist, a nerd, and now an author!

I published a book! Still a little bit in shock over this. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoyed Beginning of Arrogance, because I want to write a lot more of Krell’s journey!

Where to find my book!

Beginning of Arrogance

Beginning of Arrogance